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Kel Kroydon Gibson Tenor Banjo

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-09)
Price : GBP1,500

Kel Kroydon Gibson Tenor Banjo Kel Kroydon Gibson Tenor Banjo Kel Kroydon Gibson Tenor Banjo Kel Kroydon Gibson Tenor Banjo Kel Kroydon Gibson Tenor Banjo Kel Kroydon Gibson Tenor Banjo

Kel Kroydon was a registered name used by Gibson during the 1930's during the great depression. Perloid fingerboard and resonater back was cheaper than wood. Originally this banjo came without a tone ring which also saved a lot of money. However, this has a pre-war rim and one piece pot metal flange-the same components as the holy grail of Earl Scruggs Granada Bluegrass banjo. Buying a pre-war Gibson banjo will cost you a small fortune. This banjo and the almost identical tb11 have been discovered by the bluegrass fraternity who want a prewar sound without costing that extra amount. So many of these banjos have been converted to five string and all reports state that they have a great prewar sound. Ask the professionals and nearly all state that a prewar rim is the most important component in that prewar sound.

This banjo is in very good condition for its age. The perloid back is very distinctive and almost faultless apart from a tiny chip on the edge and there is a small flaking of paint on the fingerboard back. Check other dealers and you will see that condition on this banjo is very good and seeking less money. Grover tuners are original as well as Presto Tailpiece. Also this banjo is supplied with a twenty hole flathead tone ring. Apart from a conversion this is a great tenor banjo in its own right. Crisp note seperation, plenty of cut and responsive fingerboard. The one piece flange is original and shows minor flaring around either side of the neck area. This is quite common ( look at photos) because of the metal composition used. Included in the sale is a reproduction pot metal one piece flange of superb

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2008-08-09)

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