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Baldwin Ode Model D Banjo

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-08-26)
Price : US $2,091.

Baldwin Ode Model D Banjo Baldwin Ode Model D Banjo Baldwin Ode Model D Banjo Baldwin Ode Model D Banjo

For sale is a 1980 Baldwin-Ode Model D banjo.   I purchased this banjo only a month or so ago from a gentleman in Virginia but circumstances dictate I must sell it. I'll admit I'm not a good banjo player (yet!) but I wanted to have one of these instruments as a collector's item; 1980 was last year they were produced.

Here's the story behind the 1980 Baldwin-Ode as told by Chuck Ogsbury, the creator of Ode Banjos, from the Ome Website (

An interesting poing: when Baldwin bought the company from me in 1966, they designed a banner that said 'Baldwin'. They didn't use the word, 'ODE' on the peghead originally. However, they found that the market did not want a Baldwin: it wanted an ODE. So, they added the word 'ODE' to the banner. Then I herad they eventually dropped Baldwin and just put ODE on the peghead. In fact, I just saw one downstairs (at the vendors' stands), an ODE, with no word 'Baldwin' on it, but it was made by Baldwin about 1980. So, the sequence of logos was 'Baldwin', then 'Baldwin ODE', then just 'ODE'.

It's a great banjo in fine shape: walnut resonator with concentric rings, beautiful inlays, gold plated.

Condition: a little visible wear on the head (doesn't affect sound) and minor buckle rash on the resonator.

Comes with Superior Instrument hard shell case in very good shape.

If yo

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2008-08-26)

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