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Vintage 1960's CHRISTY Banjo w/Original Case

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-10-09)
Price : US $456.99

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A RARE Christy Long-Neck Folk 5 String Banjo w/Original Case


This banjo is ''out of pawn''

Meaning someone had to let her go.  Good thing for that or others like yourself would never get to experience the vintage loud sound of this particular 1960's banjo.

Some information that might be helpful and found on the Internet:

Art Christianson lives in Loveland, CO.  He built banjos and guitars along the S. Platte river in the 60's.  A flood wiped out his shop in the mid 60's and he moved to CA, then to Phoenix, then to Loveland.

I don't know where he is now or if he is still in Loveland but he made great quality AMERICAN banjos and guitars.

Anyway the banjo is a long-neck and the scale length measures 25'' the total neck length is 31''.  It is 11'' across the rim and has 25 hooks (one end piece is missing, see photo).  It has a Grover bridge, it is made of cast spun aluminum with what appears to be a wood veneer.  It has a large full sound. Most likely has a truss rod adjustment since there is a cover on the neck.

The banjo is in overall good condition.  It is not MINT.  It has some damage to the adjusters as shown. It needs to be cleaned and could use a little love.  Some of the finish on the veneer is chipping or coming off.  The neck has no finish loss whatsoever.  It is miss

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2008-10-09)

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