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1930's 4 String Vega Banjo Ukulele Uke

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-10-12)
Price : US $120.50

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1930's VEGA Banjo Ukulele Uke
Measuring 22'' in length, this RARE banjo ukulele was made by VEGA in the 1930's.  The banjo ukulele is a 4-string instrument with small banjo body and a fretted ukulele type neck.
The wood appears to be dark maple and there are 15 full frets.  The unmarked bridge and strings have been replaced, but the skin, and Waverly style tuning pegs appear to be original.  The  pegs have been painted black, making it difficult to determine type of material.  They do have mold lines,  so have been molded, probably bakelite, which would be consistent with age.
The truss rod is a squared wood, and may or may not be original.  The front of the head has two rectangular inlays and one diamond-shaped inlay, all of mother-of-pearl.   There are three inlays on the fretboard, but the composition is difficult to determine, possibly ivory.
The tailpiece appears original as does the tailpiece nut.  The tailpiece bolt is bent and may have been replaced at some time, although it does appear to be old.  The resonator has  an octagonal opening; the center wood is painted black.  This is a RARE find for this brand in this excellent condition.  There is no case with this instrument.

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2008-10-12)

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