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Gibson RB 100

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-10-14)
Price : US $432.85

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Gibson RB 100

This banjo was owned by my uncle Walt Britton. It came to me after he passed on, about 30 years ago. Uncle Walt, along with my father Merce Ridgway Sr. and Bill Britton played as a group called the Pinehawkers in the early 1940's. They played early radio, Blue Network, and tv and also ,they performed at the National Folk Festival in Washington D.C. in 1941. Although this was not the banjo he played there, it was one of his banjos.

I played this banjo from New York to the Festival of American Folklife in Washington. D.C. in 1983. In between I played fairs, festivals, parks, schools, colleges, libraries and museums. It is a good sounding banjo, except for the strap is not the original and the plastic drum head was replaced once. The frets show wear as would be expected from a hard working banjo, but still very playable, good sound and tone. A good cleaning and a new set of strings and she is ready to go. The peg head is unique and makes this banjo special as Gibson only made this designed head about 10 years. The banjo has various knicks and dings and scratches that comes from much usage,but nothing serious.

The case shows wear and tear from traveling. I was on my way back from Florida and looking out the plane window as they rolled an enormous baggage cart to the plane, with my banjo and guitar on the very bottom! I was so glad my fiddle was hand carried. As a result, the case was sprung somewhat and the end latch was broken, and I did a temporary repair with a piece of heavy wire and it has lasted about 15 years.

If you are looking for a banjo in like new conditio

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2008-10-14)

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troy said...
i own a gibson rb-100 that was made in 1975. as the years go by, it sounds better and better