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1920's Ludwig Banjo Gibson Strings

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-10-21)
Price : US $1,425.

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This Ludwig banjo was formerly owned by Bluegrass Hall of Fame member Dr. Ralph Stanley.  I bought the banjo from Ralph in August of last year.  I am unsure of the exact year model but I believe it is an early 1920's model ('22 or '23?).  It was originally a four string but I bought it just as it is now, with a five string neck made by Frank Neat.  The banjo is in super clean shape.  The work on the neck is absolutely incredible, as is to be expected with Frank's work. I'm guessing the wood is walnut but don't hold me to it. The banjo has a flathead tone ring and sounds incredible; crisp and sharp and sounds to me almost like an archtop.  Intonation is perfect all the way up the neck.  It has spikes at 7 & 9.  The case is just fair, it is old and has had a hard life.  The case doesn't fit the resonator very tight but care will be taken to pack it extra securely before shipping.  I will include 2 pictures of Ralph playing this banjo on his tour bus as well as a handwritten receipt signed by him.  This banjo is incredibly fun to play!  I often find myself reaching around my pre-war Gibson to grab the Ludwig to pick around on.  Good luck bidding!

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2008-10-21)

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Pam said...
I just inherited what I think is a 1920 Ludwig banjo. I don\'t know how to play it and was wondering what it is worth if I should sell it?