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Vintage 1920 Gretsch Archtop Tenor Banjo Restored Setup

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-05-01)
Price : US $355.00

Vintage 1920 Gretsch Archtop Tenor Banjo Restored Setup

c.1920s Gretsch-made


Superior tenor banjo! Big, loud,
commanding tone!

Perfect for Celtic tunes, old time fiddle tunes, jazz, etc!


here for raw mp3!


For purchases/payments made after April 29th I will be

shipping after May 12th as I will be away.


This is an entirely
professional-grade tenor banjo, probably made in the late teens or
early 1920s. This style was built by Gretsch and often branded under
the ''Clarophone'' name or some other resale name. This one is unmarked
save for its archtop tonering, which is marketed as a ''Guckert Duplex
Tone Rim.''

It plays great, sounds amazing (big, full, direct, and rich), has a
straight neck, and is ready to go. It features most of its original
hardware, save for bridge, tailpiece (which is a period Grover Presto,
though), and about half the hooks & nuts (the other half being
period replacements).

Build quality is very high and it's obviously survived plenty of
playing. As far as the work I've done on it: total teardown, cleaning,
polishing of parts and rim (well, as far as they'd polish up again, at
any rate), regluing of the fretboard in areas, new Remo Renaissance
head, new Grover maple/ebo

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2010-05-01)

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