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Fender Deluxe ''Black Beauty'' Banjo

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-08-01)
Price : US $511.63

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Fender FB-58 Deluxe ''Black Beauty'' Banjo

This banjo sings up and down the neck.  I bought it used and have spent the last six months upgrading it.  The older version of the Deluxe with the 12th fret ''Deluxe'' banner are much better playing than the new Chinese versions.  This one comes with many great features and upgrades:

Remo Black head - $30.00 upgrade (give great bass response, and looks really cool!)
Black tuner pegs to match head
Gold plated hooks and thumb screws - $40.00 upgrade
Replaced terrible fender clamshell tailpiece with Presto tailpiece - $30.00 upgrade and amazing tone difference
Shubb sliding 5th string capo - $70.00 upgrade
Deluxe plush locking hardcase - $120.00
Emerson Sweet Power II bridge - $35.00 upgrade and again, amazing tone upgrade
Fender Tone Ring

I love the playability and tone of this banjo, but I have to thin the herd to afford the new Prucha I want.  This banjo has spent the last six months being babied, cleaned, polished, and tweaked to perfection.  It plays and sounds as good as my $2,000.00 Deering.  There is a small ding by the 5th string tuner, I included a picture of it.

I lowered the reserve and the buy it now.

Ship to US and Canada only

On Jul-04-10 at 16:35:55 PDT, seller added the following information:

**I will put old fender tailpiece and bridge in case if you want me to ship them with the banjo.

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2010-08-01)

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