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SS Stewart Banjeaurine (banjorine) kit

Sold ! This banjo is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-07-13)
Price : US $342.93

SS Stewart Banjeaurine (banjorine) kit SS Stewart Banjeaurine (banjorine) kit SS Stewart Banjeaurine (banjorine) kit SS Stewart Banjeaurine (banjorine) kit SS Stewart Banjeaurine (banjorine) kit SS Stewart Banjeaurine (banjorine) kit SS Stewart Banjeaurine (banjorine) kit

A component set for an SS Stewart banjeaurine. Included are the rim, a complete set of rim hardware, stick, neckbrace, neck 5th string tuner and head. Neck, rim, tension hoop, neck brace, neck, shoes and shoe bolts are all from the same banjo and have matching attachment holes. The rim is 12-1/2'' diameter, and the wooden liner has no cracks or delaminations. The metal cladding is in good condition, with a few small dents, and the plating is in generally good shape but tarnished. The tension hoop is also in good condition but has one small dent along the upper edge that could be easily straightened. The shoes and nuts are in good conditionm with a good bit of plating wear on some of the shoes. 19 of the 30 hook and nut pairs are original and in good condition. The other 11 are Stewart, but are a slightly different length and have a different thread, so are not interchangeable. The neck has a broken heel, and a small chip out of the side of the heel that has been reglued. There is discoloration on neck near the peg head and a small stable crack in that area. The peghead and overlay are in good shape, with some wear on the back edges of the peghead. The frets show some wear in the lower positions, but there is no wear on the fretboard. One diamond inlay is missing on the fretboard and one moon shaped inlay is missing on the peghead. The fretboard is cracked at the 14th fret and that fret is missing. The nut is broken and will need to be replaced, as will the pip. The fifth string tuner hole is in good condition, and the tuner is the correct type. The rim and stick are stamped with matching serial numbers, 1595. The lag screw for

Sold ! This banjo is sold (sold on 2011-07-13)

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